Who We Are

Insider Itinerary was created by two enthusiastic sisters eager to see the world.

Although Brittany and Laurie took different paths in school and careers, they came together to construct a website designed to help fellow travelers find and display their perfect vacations.

BrittanyBrittany is a Spanish teacher for her alma mater high school and takes any chance she gets to travel to predominantly Spanish speaking countries. She lives with her loving husband, Eric, in south Georgia. Brittany loves planning her trips almost as much as taking them! She found that the time and attention to detail she devoted to her itineraries was well worth it when she headed out on her next adventure.  However, after talking to friends, family, and other travelers, Brittany soon realized that not everyone had the time or knowledge needed to make extensive itineraries.  Her friends and family were always asking her to plan their next trip for them!

LaurieLaurie is finishing her undergraduate degree in Accounting, continuing for her Masters, and studying for the CPA exam.  She is currently working an internship at a local firm in South Georgia. She truly enjoys everything business related.  While Laurie also loves taking trips, unlike Brittany, she does not enjoy spending the time to plan them!  

They decided that with their strengths, they could design a platform connecting travelers who create brilliant itineraries and those looking for their next bucket list adventure.

Insider Itinerary is designed to be a more logistical approach to traveling.  After reading all the amazing blog posts about your dream destination, where do you go from there?  How do you figure out transportation from point A to point B?  What is the overall budget and how do you fit that in with your wants and needs?  How do you decide between the endless possibilities for accomodations?  

Insider Itinerary can help with that and more!  What if someone already traveled your dream trip and their itinerary is available here?  All you have to do is search your destination, trip length, budget, and other filters, to find an itinerary worthy of your bucket list!

If you are a master at planning amazing travel, why not help others recreate your magic?  Do you want to continue to build your travel brand and influencer status?  Why not sell your itineraries and make travel easier for others, while earning a little extra cash on the side for your wanderlust?  

The Insider Itinerary vision is to create a space where trip planning is easy, not time consuming, profitable, and enjoyable for everyone eager to see the world!

Insider Itinerary
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